Infrastructure Co-Ordination

Australia TradeCoast Limited aims to identify, coordinate and advocate priority medium and long term infrastructure requirements that enables Australia TradeCoast to offer investors and businesses a ‘world best’ trade and industry region.

Infrastructure is crucial to the support and growth of new and existing businesses in the region, and the Australia TradeCoast Limited team and their Board are fully committed to the maintenance and development of the world-class infrastructure already in place. Australia TradeCoast also has an established Infrastructure Working Group to coordinate infrastructure planning for the region between the government and industry partners. Listed below are some examples of the type of work undertaken by Australia TradeCoast Limited:

  • Matching business investment with required infrastructure
  • Participation in Brisbane City Council neighbourhood planning
  • Coordination of infrastructure for local businesses
  • ATC tours to highlight issues
  • Advocacy/lobbying relevant agencies
  • Feeding information into future plans such as Connecting SEQ 2031
  • Provision of information to town planners
  • Coordination of infrastructure projects and studies
  • Coordination of Infrastructure Working Group
  • Collection of whole-of-region data to inform road upgrades, public transport provision, etc.
  • Provision of infrastructure updates/upgrades to educate ATC occupants.

For further information please contact our General Manager on:

  • Telephone: +61 7 3406 5750
  • Fax: +61 7 3860 8699
  • Email: