Buy at advantageous prices and then resell with Bidoo
It is true, we have already said it: 2000 euros or 3000 euros are not enough to open a real business, but you must not be discouraged … It is not so absurd to think of being able to raise more money by starting a micro-enterprise.

You do not believe me? Then I bring you a story that really struck me, that of Ryan Grant , an American boy who put aside a substantial sum in a really effective way. In fact, Ryan bought products on offer at his local supermarket, Walmart, to resell them on Amazon and other online shops.

This strategy is very effective, and it is for this reason that it has been successful: Ryan identifies the items put on sale by the store and assesses whether, on Amazon or other online stores , someone is willing to buy them at higher prices.

Is it possible to implement this strategy in Italy and to make money from it? The answer is yes, thanks to a platform that is taking hold: Bidoo . This is a penny online auction site where you can buy products at really cheap prices.

That of the type of auction (that is, in this case, to the hundredth), is a characteristic to consider: in fact, the discounted auctions foresee that the price decreases until it reaches 0, while those at the hundredth start at a base of 0, 01 euro and go up, until the highest offer wins.

Every day on this site you can find up for grabs a large quantity of products, especially technological but not only, characterized by a really shabby price, from a penny up! Each bet increases the price by only one cent.

You can participate in auctions by registering on the official website and start accumulating free bets to get products at bargain prices, which you can then resell online.

All you have to do is register for free, entering your email so you can enable your profile and choosing a password and a username. Upon registration you will receive 10 euro welcome bonus with which you are entitled to 1000 bets.

Once your profile is enabled, you can start earning items that you will later resell. This strategy allows you to start earning your 2000 euros.

Obviously you need to understand what kind of auction you want to participate in, considering what products you want to resell and the actual profit margin you can earn. If you don’t have big savings to invest in an activity, this platform can be a great strategy to get some useful rewards for you or to resell.