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Marketing & Promotion

We undertake numerous marketing activities to achieve these objectives including networking functions with ATC business occupants and stakeholders.

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Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Australia TradeCoast Limited aims to create local, national and international awareness of Australia TradeCoast as a premier trade and industry region.

  • Identification of appropriate locations
  • Development of tailored business cases
  • Provision of infrastructure related information to inform long term growth
  • ATC tours

Our Specialties

Australia TradeCoast’s partners are investing heavily in infrastructure for the region.

  • major road upgrades
  • airport and port expansion
  • drainage and fill
  • water infrastructure
  • public and active transport
  • electricity
  • public amenity.


We also produce a monthly electronic newsletter

We also produce a monthly electronic newsletter, Synergy, to raise awareness of the economic development activity in the region.

Networking events

Ongoing website maintenance and updates

Corporate sponsorships

Annual ATC export week function

Studies & Surveys

The completed studies undertaken

This project was undertaken to enable ATC Limited to better understand the businesses located within the region, to enhance communication and to uncover impediments to growth.


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4 Technology Trends Your Business Needs to Follow to Grow

Competition in this day and age is tight, making it a real struggle for newer businesses to find solid footing or hit bigger goals. That is why businesses should be looking toward investing in these smart technologies that will set them apart from the rest of the competition.

1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is still a mystery for many despite gaining incredible popularity across various industries in these past couple of years. Why so?
Blockchain, in the simplest terms, is a series of blocks of data that are distributed among all peers in a network. What is interesting about blockchain technology is that it is completely transparent – any peer part of a network can see records – and entirely decentralised. But the true highlight of this tech is that all information contained on the blockchain is immutable. The healthcare industry, in particular, has shifted its information structure to blockchain technology and has seen improved patient-provider interactions and medical care output.

2. Social Media

Ten years ago, if your business consultant melbourne suggested that you can run your next ad campaign on Facebook, you would have called them crazy. Within a decade, social media has not just encompassed our lives but completely altered it. And this is something that most businesses understand very well, but it is the smarter ones that are wasting no time in taking advantage of social media to fast-track growth. It is now easier than ever before for businesses to be visible to their target consumer, generate views into actual sales and possibly soar to incredible heights due to viral marketing campaigns.
If you told your consultant that you can run a business without having any social media presence in this day and age, they would call you crazy!

3. Cybersecurity

Information technology is the crutch of today’s industries. Paper files might as well be primitive tech at this point as businesses now rely on digitized information, available at the simple click of a button. But while the simplicity, efficiency and feasibility of IT is certainly impressive, security on the other hand is a much more complex issue. As tech gets smarter, so does malware and hacker groups that threaten the integrity of precious information. And it is up to business owners to heed their business consultants and invest in cybersecurity to ensure their trade secrets remain in their hands alone.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI technology, is becoming increasingly popular in smaller businesses. Chatbots and management programs are making it easier and simpler to sort the tickets, reply to common queries and triage inquiries. And because it is now becoming widespread, it is also becoming one of the easier to afford technologies that any start-up or growing business can take advantage of.

The world as we know it is developing at an unbelievable speed and businesses must update ways of reaching to their target customers, hiring the best staff and ensuring employee satisfaction. Rapidly growing technological advancement and social media assists with these tasks and to make a mark, companies must use these tools to their best advantage. Need that competitive edge? Then these technologies might just be what you need that will help you reach new heights as an industry marker.


Open an Activity with 2-3000 Euros: 4 Ideas for Putting Your Own Business in Foot!

Buy at advantageous prices and then resell with Bidoo
It is true, we have already said it: 2000 euros or 3000 euros are not enough to open a real business, but you must not be discouraged … It is not so absurd to think of being able to raise more money by starting a micro-enterprise.

You do not believe me? Then I bring you a story that really struck me, that of Ryan Grant , an American boy who put aside a substantial sum in a really effective way. In fact, Ryan bought products on offer at his local supermarket, Walmart, to resell them on Amazon and other online shops.

This strategy is very effective, and it is for this reason that it has been successful: Ryan identifies the items put on sale by the store and assesses whether, on Amazon or other online stores , someone is willing to buy them at higher prices.

Is it possible to implement this strategy in Italy and to make money from it? The answer is yes, thanks to a platform that is taking hold: Bidoo . This is a penny online auction site where you can buy products at really cheap prices.

That of the type of auction (that is, in this case, to the hundredth), is a characteristic to consider: in fact, the discounted auctions foresee that the price decreases until it reaches 0, while those at the hundredth start at a base of 0, 01 euro and go up, until the highest offer wins.

Every day on this site you can find up for grabs a large quantity of products, especially technological but not only, characterized by a really shabby price, from a penny up! Each bet increases the price by only one cent.

You can participate in auctions by registering on the official website and start accumulating free bets to get products at bargain prices, which you can then resell online.

All you have to do is register for free, entering your email so you can enable your profile and choosing a password and a username. Upon registration you will receive 10 euro welcome bonus with which you are entitled to 1000 bets.

Once your profile is enabled, you can start earning items that you will later resell. This strategy allows you to start earning your 2000 euros.

Obviously you need to understand what kind of auction you want to participate in, considering what products you want to resell and the actual profit margin you can earn. If you don’t have big savings to invest in an activity, this platform can be a great strategy to get some useful rewards for you or to resell.

What Activities to Open with 10,000 Euros? Guide to the Most Profitable Possibilities

Are you thinking of opening your own business but your budget is limited? What business to open with 10,000 euros ? Although it is a more than decent figure, it is still low to make such an investment to set up on its own .

However there are some activities suitable for those who have this figure: if you are curious to find out what they are, read on!

Social trading
This is a complex activity and undoubtedly involves some risks, however if you are aiming to earn more to have more money to invest in your business , you must also know how to dare (even if with due caution!).

We start from the assumption that most of those who approach the world of classic trading say they find the mechanism really complex: it is necessary to study, to know where they are moving, and not everyone has that interest. This is the only way to make a profit.

To overcome this problem, social trading platforms were born , which is the alternative I propose: in particular, I refer to the social trading platform as eToro .

Thanks to this platform, although you are not an expert and knowledgeable in the subject, you can invest without too many headaches, since you have access to the strategies of the best traders : the only thing you need to do is to select the traders that have objectives more similar to yours, imitating the winning moves .

To select a reference trader you have to rely on two criteria:

Profits of the last two years – choose the popular investors who have made more money and have achieved revenues of up to 25% ;
Risk of operations – if you want to risk less you can opt for those who invest with less risk: the return will be lower, but also the risks are reduced.
This system allows you to join a win-win formula , where professional traders can achieve optimal results, and with them the investors who follow them.

I do not advise you to invest all your 10,000 euros on this platform, but you could dedicate a part of them to medium-high risk activities (which are, as you will have understood by now, potentially more profitable ).

To try to follow the moves of the best investors you need:

Open an account on eToro ;
Choose the reference Popular Investor, selecting it according to your expectations;
Allocate the set budget to the winning strategy.
If you have no particular skills in the field but want to approach trading, and would like to reduce the chances of losing money, then social trading is a more than valid way to start.

>> Open a Demo Account Now <<

Start a micro-business
If you don’t know where to start to start a project, because 10 thousand euros seem objectively few, then here is the second piece of advice: start a micro business thanks to Bidoo .

To suggest this, I was inspired by the fascinating and incredible story of a successful American boy, Ryan Grant . Why did his story amaze me? The fact is that Ryan has made a lot of money (millions of people!) By reselling on Amazon products that he bought on the Walmart chain stores .

This is a strategy that is as simple as it is effective: Ryan has begun to constantly monitor the prices of some items for sale, identifying some that the supermarket sold off. Once I did this, he tried to figure out if there was someone, online, willing to buy the products at higher prices, and if the answer was affirmative, he would resell them.

Personally, I have inquired to find out if even here in Italy it is possible to emulate this strategy and I have found that in some way it can be done: you only have to participate in online auctions on special sites like Bidoo , with the aim of grabbing the products at the prices more advantageous. Once this is done, all you have to do is resell on sales sites and ads, increasing the price.

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